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A Peak 15 integration portal for your clients

Security through user id & password

[your org identifier]
The first time your clients access the portal they will be asked to register. An email address is required and must exist in P15 in order to register, otherwise the user will get a response message to contact your company to verify the email on file. Once registered the client is asked to confirm the registration through a link sent to the email address provided. This is important to prevent people from registering with email addresses that are not their own.

Update profile information and preferences

Once a user logs in they can update the personal information on their P15 contact record. The portal can be set up to only show the information that you want them to see. Say, if for any reason you don't want them to show/modify their medical information that can be removed from the portal. Also, if you have requested custom fields to P15 and want the user to be able to view/modify those fields they can be added.

Review current and past bookings

A section with all active bookings is shown on the portal. This can be toggled to show inactive bookings. The bookings are shown as links, if selected they will navigate the user to booking details like guests info, options selected, online itinerary and a link to their invoice if available.

Review invoices and submit payment if the option has been set up with P15

By navigating to the invoice the user will see their breakdown and final payment deadline. If online payment through Cybersource has been set up with P15 an option to pay will be available.

Review and update info of other household members

There is a section that shows other household members if any. This can be set up to give the user the ability to review and update other household member's information if desirable. Otherwise this option could be disabled.

Flexibility for further customization

The portal could be further customized to fit your own needs i.e. some companies with a long comprehensive booking process may want to show their clients where in the booking process they are; you might want to provide your clients with a place to download documents or show them suggestions of upcoming trips based on previous bookings, etc.